Eric Quebral

From Canada, Eric Quebral's work has always been about the deconstruction of objects. Mixing characteristics to create a dynamic tension that seemingly fit together, presenting something familiar but different. What he is interested in, are the relationships between objects and their meanings.

In relationship with art currents, he feels most at home within the umbrella of Pop. Appropriating signs to suit his needs, source of imagery are mainly from mass media, consumer culture and pop culture because of it’s immediate recognition being rich in content.

His body of woodgrain artwork entitled "Gepetto" is the world through the eyes of Pinocchio. In the most recent past, his sneaker artwork has landed him press in magazines such as Lodown, Sole Collector, Friday and EastTouch. His client list include Marc Ecko, Adidas, Pony, Nike and Fixinsdotcom. Upcoming projects include work for Freedom Fighter Skateboards and KIKSTYO.

GBP £51
USD $75
JPY ¥6888

Wood texture silkscreened Match quality soccer ball.
Imported PU Leather.
Official Size 5/32 panels.
4 plies polyester cloth with Butyle bladder.

Edition of 80.

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